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Family Weekend spot beside Ox Bow Lake and 10000 migratory birds



The artisans of Natungram create the most fascinating and colourful wooden idols of Bengal. The traditional designs comprises elements from mythology and local folklore like Radha Krishna, Durga, Gour Nitai, Raja Rani and off course the owl. All idols are carved from one piece of wood. The artisans first draw the figures on blocks of wood and the figures are chiselled out and given the shape of the doll. The doll is then given a wash of Kharimati (soil), water, adhesive, flour and left to dry out. The colours are applied and the motifs are drawn by hand individually with fine brush strokes and final touch-ups are done before putting them up for display and sale.

Distance: Around 24 kilometers from Purbasthali


Photos of Natungram