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Family Weekend spot beside Ox Bow Lake and 10000 migratory birds

Purbasthali Birds

In the Purbasthali Ox-bow lake, you can spot migratory birds like Red Crested Pochards, Lesser Whistling Teals, Little Grebes, Bronze-winged Jacanas, Common coots, Purple Moorhens, Osprey Eagles and many more. The local bird population is also flourishing and you can regularly spot, Open Billed Storks, Kingfishers, Cormorants, Great Egrets, Cattle Egrets, Green Bee-eaters, Little swallows, Marsh Sandpipers, Pond Herons, Black Drongos and many more…

Photo Courtesy Dr. Anjan Sarkar,  Mr. Sumallya Karmakar, Mr. Srinivasan Sampath Kumar


PDF list of Residential Birds at Purbasthali


PDF List of Migratory Birds at Purbasthali