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Family Weekend spot beside Ox Bow Lake and 10000 migratory birds

Photo Gallery

Apart from bird photography, Purbasthali offers a host of opportunities to photograph village life from all its aspects. You can visit the weekly village market to try out some candid shots of the spectacle, or make way to Natungram to shoot the artisans working on their creations. A visit to the temples of Kalna, Guptipara, Sukharia and Hansheswari can also be on your cards, if you are willing to try your hand in photographing monuments.

Sightseeing around Purbasthali

Cottages (Garden) at Purbasthali

Cottages (Lakeside Mango orchard) at Purbasthali

Rooms (Lakeside Mango orchard) at Purbasthali

On the way to Purbasthali

Purbasthali Birds