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Family Weekend spot beside Ox Bow Lake and 10000 migratory birds

Purbasthali Sightseeing

The crystal clear waters of the 9 km long channel of the Ox Bow Lake and the surrounding fruit orchards and farmlands harbour more than 70 species of local and migratory birds, which makes Purbasthali a birdwatcher’s paradise. Apart from this, the whole of Purbasthali region is steeped in history and religion. With towns like Nabadwip and Mayapur within 15 kms. and Sribati Terracotta temples and ruins of history’s landmark events scattered throughout the region, Purbasthali is also a favourite to history buffs. Also, do not forget to stopover at Natungram Village and witness the artisans at work creating some of the finest wooden dolls and models.


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